Announcing the WordCamp Providence Contribute Day

In parallel to the four workshops we will be holding on Friday, we are excited to announce Rhode Island’s first-ever WordPress Contributor Day!

Have you ever been interested in giving back to WordPress? With versions 3.7 and 3.8 both starting early development this month, there’s never been a more exciting time to get involved—and from experienced contributors to enthusiastic beginners, we would love to have you all join us! We’ll kick off the day at 1pm with an introduction to contributing from one of the WordPress lead developers, then spend the afternoon working individually or in groups on tickets for core.

This is a developer-oriented event, so knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, CSS or HTML will be useful. We do also need help with documentation, video transcriptions, handbook editing and other non-code tasks, however, if you’re not comfortable with coding.

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When people come together to work on something they love, extraordinary things happen

Lance Willett, core contributor & Twenty Fourteen theme lead

Bring your laptops, bring your notebooks, but most of all, bring a desire to join the team and contribute back to WordPress!

While this event is free, please RSVP so we can ensure we have enough space to accommodate all participants.

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