Real-Time Site Personalization

Let’s start building “Dynamic Web Environments” that make intelligent, data driven, real time decisions regarding the content it serves or the experience it delivers. Venturing into this realm will allow you to create a website that modifies its own functionality, layout, and content in real time. We can begin building web environments that cater to a users needs before they even have a chance to express them. Find out how, in this talk, where Jesse will cover specific instances where we can use mobile technology, data from analytics and user feedback to build dynamic web environments.

Publishing Workflows for WordPress

You get it. WordPress isn’t just a full featured Content Management System – it’s the industry leader. With a capable engineering team or the right theme, your site can look like just about anything. Shooting off a blog post or editing some basic page content is no problem… but what happens when your content or publishing workflow isn’t quite that simple? What does it mean for a team to actually, you know, *manage content* for your beautiful, but somewhat complex website?

This session combines captivating case studies that will broaden your sense of what’s possible with a look at off-the-shelf plug-ins and tools like Edit Flow that you can put to work immediately to improve your publishing workflows. From managing unique layouts like a grid or interactive map, to curating reader-submitted or ingested content, to staging big changes, we’ll wrap our heads around tools and methods that keep your site beautiful – without the headaches.

Using WordPress Course Websites to Foster Skilled and Responsible Digital Citizens

How can educators and administrators use WordPress to create an online learning and communication space for their students and families? This presentation will address some of the considerations that educators should have when developing a no-­coding website. We will focus on free WordPress themes, plug-­ins, and features that can suit a variety of objectives for a 21st century class or school website, with emphasis on flipped classrooms and best practices for teaching safe internet usage and positive digital citizenship. While the discussion and samples will focus on elementary classrooms, the concepts are applicable to the entire PreK-­12 range, as well as higher education.

How We Built the Harrington School Website with WordPress

How many academics, web developers, writers and creative people does it take to build a university website? More than you would think. Learn about the collaborative process that we used to create a new website for the Harrington School of Communication and Media, including site navigation, design, work with web developers, university administrators and IT professionals, and members of the faculty. We’ll share the delights, trials and tribulations of the experience and offer some insight on what we learned about WordPress (and about ourselves) over the course of 12 months.

Leveraging the JSON API Plugin for WordPress Maintanence

In this session, we will discuss how we extended the JSON API Contrib plugin ( to manage and streamline various admin tasks such as: WordPress Core updates or installing a specific version Enable, disable, update, and install plugins. Revert plugin updates Add, delete, update users.

NorthPoint Digital builds enterprise digital platforms to support and transform user experiences and interactions across the web, mobile and social touch points. We have been at the forefront of delivering some of the most high-trafficked, content-managed WordPress sites for many of the world’s leading organizations across the Media, Publishing, Healthcare, Education, and Not-for-Profit industries. With such a large number of sites to manage, a solution was needed to simplify site management. NorthPoint Digital’s team developed a solution that allows us to manipulate WordPress without logging into the admin control panel. In addition, with this solution, we can install plugins or core updates without manually having to download plugin files from and upload them to the server.

Mobile Strategy

As the proliferation of mobile devices and platforms continues, how can we deliver content for each screen size? In this complex relationship of social media, SEO, and responsive design companies are struggling to keep up (even if they don’t admit it). This worksop will cover a broad range of topics as it relates to mobile conversion, mobile SEO, mobile design, and mobile content.

Create your own member access templates w/ custom sidebar widgets

I’ll demonstrate the process of developing a WordPress members only section without a plugin. We’ll be discussing the code involved in creating custom sidebar widgets and templates with ‘Members Only’ content as well as ways to customize the WordPress login system to match your theme.

Digital Branding: You and Your Business

Digital Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we see the world, and the way we live. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.
In this hour we will discuss how to use some of the most popular digital tools such as Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to help you brand yourself and your business in the digital world. Some WordPress plugins to make your life simpler.

Evolving your JavaScript with Backbone.js

WordPress 3.6 includes Backbone.js version 1.0, the JavaScript library used in the new WordPress media uploader. It can be intimidating to get started with a library like Backbone, but it is a powerful tool for developers of WordPress plugins, themes and web apps. In this session we’ll look at several ways to integrate Backbone into your WordPress themes and plugins, including a step-by-step demonstration of how Backbone improves the quality of your existing jQuery code. There’s no reason to stop there though — to close we’ll walk through other exciting ways to use Backbone alongside WordPress, including how to make a standalone Backbone application that only uses WordPress for its data. Mad science, for fun and profit!

Employing Best Security Practices For WordPress Sites

This session will focus on how to employ “best security practices” for WordPress sites. The session will review current botnet and hacker schemes targeted at the WordPress platform, as well as current authentication models including one, two, multi-factor and password-less . In addition, we will review the top WordPress security plugins and then offer time for Q&A.

Rewrite Recipes: Exploring advanced permalink structures by example

In this talk, we’ll demystify the Rewrite API and advanced permalink structures cookbook-style. We’ll go through cool tricks like adding custom taxonomy slugs to custom post type permalinks, adding multiple taxonomies to a URL to make one appear to be the “parent” of another, and splitting a post into virtual sections via permalinks. We’ll break down all of the rewrite API functions and learn when to use each. Lastly, we’ll go through changing permalink structures without a mess of 404s.

How We built 17,170,200 Websites in 6 months

RandomHouse, the world’s largest book publisher, wanted an easy way to create unique websites for their authors. Just one problem: they have tens of thousands of authors. At Upstatement, we designed a solution using the power of WordPress’s customization tools mixed with a tempting solution of our own. In this session, you’ll learn how to design simple structures that look totally unique: but still are easy to develop and manage. I’ll talk about Timber, a powerful WordPress library we made for this project, that cut-down on debugging and let us focus on the important work of making great sites easy to build for authors.

What’s Your Problem, Man?: Building a Successful UX Process

Design is, fundamentally, about problem solving. Our clients often come to us with solutions, but do these solutions even solve the right problems? Whether you’re using WordPress to build enterprise-level websites or web apps for startups, a strong UX research and discovery phase can help bring any confused project into perspective, create focus, and set the path for an accurate solution (and a happy client).

What You Missed in Computer Science

Computer Science is a big part of web development and WordPress whether you know it or not! This talk will explain what Computer Science actually entails. You will see WordPress through the lens of someone with a Computer Science degree. We will talk about ways to describe code performance using Big-Oh notation comparing different post meta and taxonomy queries. We will also discuss concurrency as it applies to WordPress, specifically data races and how they can occur while counting post views.

Land clients while working from an island

Are you a freelancer or WordPress consultant ready to bust out and grow your business? Learn from over 50+ WordPress entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed and hear their stories about how they grew their WordPress business. We will define what it takes to be a WordPress entrepreneur, starting out as an elite freelancer, building your business, and achieving great work/life balance.

Optimize image files like a pro

Images, even small ones, can be the biggest files that make up your site. Learn the tools, plugins, and theming techniques you’ll want to start using to shrink your page load times and save your mobile users a few bucks without sacrificing image quality.

VIP Tools for Writers and Editors

I made my first WordPress site in 2008. It was an online magazine with an editing workflow, multiple contributors, and featured stories on the homepage. I thought I had it all figured out — that is, until I started working at VIP. In the last year, I’ve had a glimpse into all the tools that editors use at large, national publications and the whole time I kept thinking, “Wait, why didn’t I know about that before?!” In this talk, I’ll share with you the plugins that you can borrow to help the editors at your small publication get the VIP treatment.

Getting SASSy – Fun with CSS Preprocessors

Write your CSS faster and more efficiently. CSS pre-processors like SASS and LESS let you write DRY CSS that can be modularly used to create themes and sites quite a bit faster. Starting from a beginner’s perspective, this talk will allow anyone (designers & developers) to get started with SASS or LESS for their WordPress theming.

What’s this WebGL thing? An introduction to using interactive 3D graphics in WordPress

WebGL is a JavaScript API that allows for interactive 3D and 2D models in the browser without needing additional plugins, and rendered directly by the graphics processing unit for accelerated performance. In this introductory talk learn the basics of 3D graphics using the new web standard WebGL and how to incorporate interactive 3D graphics into your WordPress site.

Designing Responsively

Let’s talk about the design process from conception to implementation to launching a responsive/adaptive website. Starting with paper and pencil (I’m old school, I know), collecting ideas, and pre design phase planning and content strategy, we will go over what is important before even thinking “design”. Once the foundation has been built, will talk about a browser centric workflow and how to implement with a mobile first mindset, while resolution independence. We will also talk about the importance web standards in code & design, as well as organization in markup, project files, and content. We’ll also cover device support, and what to do after launch; to continue making sure the site is the best it can be for whatever device or browser screen it may be displayed on, known and unknown.

KEYNOTE: Business Optimization

If you’ve ever wanted to make your WordPress passions a full time job you’re not alone. It’s a long journey to go from idea, to a documented, commented, socially mentioned, commonly installed and productive project. In this talk, Frederick reviews many of the tough lessons learned in trying to both build a team, community and movement around a WordPress plugin. He will share tips, best practices and pitfalls and most importantly how to address them once identified. Expect the talk to be highly interactive, the more questions and interruptions you provide the more valuable it will be.

WordPress Security: Preventing A Lot of Attacks

In this talk, I’ll show you how to keep attackers out of your site. During the first half of this talk we’ll go over the basics; talk about some common attacks, and talk about how you can protect your site with 5 simple tips that anyone can do to make their site safer.

In the second half, after we let the non-developers leave, we’ll dig a little bit deeper into coding best practices for WordPress and talk about the right way to build your themes and plugins to keep your clients safe.

Wonderful WordPress Workflow

In this session, I’ll teach you how to improve the way you work while building WordPress plugins and themes. I’ll share some common mistakes (even ones the pros make) and explain how you can avoid them. You’ll leave feeling happy, healthy, and ready to take on the WordPress world.

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